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At Rocking 4K, we go the extra mile with our meticulous attention to detail and we stand behind our work. We grew up in the Abilene community and this is where we call home. We have experience laying asphalt for commercial and residential clients. All of our work is completed with strict adherence to TxDOT specifications.

Before laying any asphalt or chip sealing, we make sure that your land is properly prepared which includes grading and addressing any drainage issues. Proper drainage is essential to maintaining your pavement’s structural integrity through many years of varying weather conditions; while proper grading helps to prevent cracking, edge damage, sloping and settlement.
Asphalt paving is incredibly easy to maintain and will last for many years with the proper care. Over time, everything experiences wear and tear, even asphalt. One of the great qualities of asphalt paving is that most repairs can be completed with minimal downtime when the time comes. Rocking 4K can even recycle your existing asphalt materials on-site with our rock crushing machine to save you money.


Chip sealing is a less costly alternative to asphalt paving and a great method to protect your road.  While chip sealing may be suitable for low-traffic roadways, it isn’t recommended for use on high-traffic roads. Chip seal provides an effective moisture barrier for the underlying aggregate and eliminates dust. 

A layer of heated liquid asphalt is sprayed onto the road surface, followed immediately by the placement of small aggregate “chips." The chips are then embedded into the liquid asphalt with pneumatic rollers for proper compaction. A fog coat is then applied to seal in the stones, and extend the life of a chip seal. The fog coat will turn the aggregate brownish black in color.  


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